Your First Year In Business As A Virtual Assistant: The State of the VA Industry

State of the VA Industry Survey

Even if you are in your first year in business as a virtual assistant what you do contributes to the industry as a whole. With a rapidly growing industry, the Association of Virtual Assistants is tackling the project of surveying virtual assistants from around the globe. The goal is to provide those wishing to enter the industry a snapshot of what to expect. Those who are already virtual assistants will be not only providing that vital information but be instrumental in letting the industry know where the future seems to be taking us. 

This month’s blog series has been dedicated to virtual assistants and their first year in business. 

If you want to catch up the blog series links can be found below:

  • Part 1: The AVA celebrates its 1st birthday and all its accomplishments
  • Part 2: AVA members share their stories about their inspiration and the benefits of being employed or not being employed when they started their businesses. 
  • Part 3: AVA members share advice and the services they offered when they first started
  • Part 4: AVA members share their wins!

Q. Why would you recommend the AVA who are in their first year in business or thinking about starting a VA business?

Kim Carlisle: “Truly, we all need to support one another.  I think this is a great business and there is room for all of us.  I’m always ready to offer advice to another VA! You have to believe in yourself, set your price and be confident about it and just tackle obstacles as they come.  Don’t get discouraged when you see 500 other VA’s in your area, you need to know that your expertise is valuable and there is room for other VA’s. Instead of seeing them as competition, see them as a support team and reach out to them!  You never know when they can help or even send business your way!

Bambi Ortiz: “The benefits of time freedom! Also letting them know that even though they are working from home they are not alone. There are wonderful groups out there with other VAs they can join for support, learning and more.”

Bonnie Schutz: “I recommend they join to find legitimate certifications, create a nurturing network, a “community” that understands the ups and downs and it’s a great place for expanding their knowledge and clientele.” 

Whether it’s your first year in business or your 15+ years in, the Association of Virtual Assistants is supporting and bringing you a like-minded community of virtual assistants from around the globe. We have 19 countries represented so much like being a virtual assistant and serving your clients, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you work from. You belong here. 

Q. What changes have you seen in the VA industry since you started your business?

Bonnie Schutz of Tandem Resource Solutions, (2015) “More and more people are joining the industry. With the rise of “everything can be delivered”, society is creating more work from home opportunities to follow suit. It is an appealing situation for many. VAs are starting to differentiate themselves from the pack with certifications and niches.” 

Katie Ehle, Ekklesia Marketing, (2016) “The one thing I have noticed is the growth. So many people are seeing the benefits and joining the VA world.” 

Marissa Fedorow of Marissa Fedorow Virtual Assistant Services, (2018)“The need for VAs continues to increase!”

The increase of virtual assistants entering the industry is exactly the reason more questions are being asked and why the Association of Virtual Assistants is the trusted resource that people are turning to for answers. 

When you complete the VA State of the Industry Survey you are helping your industry as a whole. You are paying it forward. 

We see you. We hear you. We value you. 

Join the AVA get the help, support, encouragement, and mentoring you desire in your virtual assistant business.