Virtual Assistants STILL Have A Place To Be Valued, Heard & Belong

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Just over two years ago, the Founder and CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants, Melissa Smith, wrote an article on LinkedIn that sparked a lot of attention. The article was, Virtual Assistants, You’ve Got A Brand New Place To Be Heard & Belong. Well, it’s been over two years and virtual assistants still have a place to be valued, heard & belong. 


In the last two years, the AVA has gone through growth, lots of changes, and even more upgrades. All with one goal in mind – to value you as a virtual assistant. 


Even with all the changes of the last two years, the AVA remains strong as the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. With the data provided we created free resources like the AVA Guide to Industry Standard Virtual Assistant Pricing, the VA State of the Industry Report, VA Business Blueprint, client delegation guide that provides Top 5 Tasks to Delegate to a VA, and giving VAs a voice through the No Frills VA Podcast we’re trusted because we are transparent. 


Additionally, the Association of Virtual Assistants, as the most trusted source of information has been featured in ABC News, Forbes, Thrive Global, Law Practice Today, Real Estate Business Institute, Authority Magazine, and FemFounder. Not to mention, in books such as The Remote Work Era, Managing Remote Teams, and an upcoming series from Entrepreneur Books. 


So what has changed and what have we upgraded in the last two years?


What immediate problem does the Association of Virtual Assistants solve? After providing industry standards and gaining trust in the VA industry, we were able to uncover the immediate problem of virtual assistants as individuals. Through our data gathering and surveys, we found the immediate problem facing VAs at all stages of their career was not feeling valued. 


The AVA provides value. Whether it’s through our like-minded community, VA State of the Industry Report, Member Portal resources, free monthly trainings, or client leads, the AVA values virtual assistants. Furthermore, we value VAs at every stage of their journey. If you are just starting, trying to find clients, building a team, or no longer taking on clients so you can focus on consulting and writing your book – there is value in being an AVA member. 


How does the AVA provide the end results? The world now knows of the ability and benefits of working remotely. Now it’s about continued education to clients on all the different ways virtual assistants add value to their business. 


For VAs, we are now offering uniquely designed membership packages to give you options when joining. The AVA knows virtual assistants are continually reshaping the industry with the types of services offered. We provide clear paths for growth on a personal and professional level, as well as constantly challenging the status quo.


Why join now? The timing has never been better and the future never brighter! Virtual assistants are in great demand and yet most VAs struggle with feeling valued. As a member of the AVA, you will no longer struggle to know how valued you are and have a like-minded community to remind you whenever you need that extra push. Plus, now when you join the Association of Virtual Assistants you can choose the membership level that suits your business and mindset needs. Take a look at our member benefits


We don’t put limits on what you can be or earn as a VA. Instead, our members break barriers and bury limiting beliefs. 


According to the VA State of the Industry report, 98% of respondents say that they became a VA to enjoy freedom and flexibility. What’s even more incredible is that 93% of respondents are enjoying the freedom and flexibility they desired. That’s 9 in 10! What other industry do you know that can say that? 

Even though the timing has never been better to join the AVA, membership doors will close on Friday, April 30th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT. Join now to Be Valued As A VA!