Virtual Assistant and Goal Setting In 2020 Pt. 4

Now that it’s the final week of January 2020 let’s discuss goals for this year. If anyone thinks it’s too late, this is a great reminder to keep agile and be ready for change. The Association of Virtual Assistants sees its members pivot and sometimes very quickly because that is what is needed in business. Don’t just set a goal and forget about it or stay committed to it because you are not a “quitter”. Revisit your goals quarterly to make sure that for all the twists and turns life brings you and your clients are still on the right path. 

This is the final blog in our four-part series. In part one we discussed mindset and in part two we talked about tools. Last week we discussed the experiences of goal setting with clients. 

We’ve been honored all month to highlight one of the members, Debbi Sherman of Marketing Design Strategy. We can’t wait to hear what is planned for 2020!

Q. Share your goals for 2020! 

  1. “Create a bite-sized product for online consumption and narrow down my niche.”

I love this goal because I like to call this “right-sizing”. Not only for Debbi but also for her audience. Not to mention that after having a 25% increase in revenue in 2019 she is looking to narrow her niche further. Like they say, “the riches are in the niches”. Who knows what kind of revenue increase Debbi will have in 2020?

Q. What is the one thing you’ll do differently in 2020 that you didn’t do in 2019?

  1. “Think bigger!”

Watching members get bigger results from thinking bigger is something I get to witness firsthand in our monthly Established Business Members of AVA calls. What I hope all our readers can appreciate is how Debbi is narrowing her niche and thinking bigger at the same time. Niching doesn’t limit you. It many ways it frees you to do more by scaling and automating. This is how businesses grow bigger!

Q. What are the most common goals your clients have for 2020?

  1. “Increased revenue and redefine the ideal client.”

What great insight we can all benefit from. You might not be a marketing VA but we all need to understand what ideal clients are, especially for our clients. It’s our job to understand when the ideal client also needs to be redefined due to increased revenue or so that revenue can be increased. Clients may come to find out that a once ideal client is now defined as a company. Maybe even a partnership. This is not only anticipating the needs of the client but also anticipating how you will stay on as their VA through these changes. 

Q. What is the one thing your clients are committing to do differently in 2020 that they didn’t do in 2019?

  1. Moving into bigger niches and thinking globally.

The AVA has already seen a rise in thinking globally and launched the TEDx for Virtual Assistants certification to address this very desire. Whenever your client is on the “move” make sure that you are not only anticipating needs but able to spot the opportunities. They are the pilot but don’t be afraid to be the co-pilot who is able to point out danger, when it’s time to rest, and when you see a nice place to land. 

No matter what 2020 brings for you and your clients the AVA is not only staying ahead of the trend we are setting it. 

The Association of Virtual Assistants invites you to join the conversation in our private Slack community to give and get support, and make 2020 your best year yet!