Virtual Assistant and Goal Setting In 2020 Pt. 3

The January 2020 Association of Virtual Assistants blog is all about goal setting. In part one we discussed mindset and in part two we talked about tools. This week we’re going to talk to Debbi Sherman of Marketing Design Strategy, again to discuss what happens when you don’t meet your goals. 

This is often what people don’t want to discuss or admit. For many it’s painful. Some virtual assistants are even embarrassed. You can look around at other VAs and see what they are doing and the comparison game begins. It’s a harsh trap. A story that can also be largely false in your head. 

Goal setting, no matter what year, is based on more than what we do this year. It’s actually the culmination of many years of work, life, and experiences. None of us are an overnight success and none of us have done it alone. 

The AVA is committed to teaching, training, learning, and bringing in experts for our members. Naturally, we want to know how our member learns from goals and goals that were not achieved. 

Q. What did you learn from your goals (whether you hit them or not) in 2019?

  1. “Always see the positive even if I didn’t reach a goal.”

This is wonderful advice but often hard to swallow. Don’t beat yourself up about goals you didn’t hit. Don’t overthink the positive either. Did you learn a new skill, even if it was what not to do next time? That’s a positive. It’s also positive information and wisdom you now have the opportunity to share with others. 

Q. What was the experience of any goals your client hit or didn’t hit in 2019? (They can also be personal!) 

  1. “Created and launched a thriving membership site in 3 months. Client LOVES the site and her members are very happy!”

What a great testimony to the VAs work and commitment. One that the client obviously “LOVES” and her members benefit from. Three months is a quick turnaround time to create and launch a thriving membership site. A great reminder that when we are working with the right clients we are happy to push through what might be a tight deadline for a payoff that actually pays off. 

Q. What did you learn from your client’s experience of hitting or not hitting their goals in 2019?

  1. “Planning is necessary. Sometimes a client thinks that you can just jump in and create amazing results. You really do get back what you put in.”

Don’t be afraid to push back on your clients in order to create the right plan. If not, you run the risk of being blamed if all doesn’t go well. With proper planning and expectations, everyone can be happy with both the input and output.

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