Virtual Assistant and Goal Setting In 2020 Pt. 2

In the second week of January 2020, you may have discovered your goals for this year are coming together nicely. Or you may find yourself juggling not only your goals but your clients’ too. It can be easy to start right out of the gate but much like the crowded gym at the beginning of January, people eventually begin to drop off. 

Last week on the AVA blog we discussed the power of having the right mindset to set your goals, as well as assist your clients.  This week we’re going to be discussing our favorite tools and tips for making sure we are hitting those goals. Not to mention keeping our clients aware of the progress we are making towards those goals. 

Thanks again to Debbi Sherman of Marketing Design Strategy, for sharing her tips with us. 

Q. Share your favorite goal-setting tools.

  1. “My journal. I know it’s old school but it works for me.”

There is a great hidden gem Debbi is sharing with us here. She knows what works for her. When deciding what tools to use know what works best for you. The best tool on the market is useless if you never login or find it cumbersome to do so. This is why diet and exercise routines come and go. They start off working for you as long as you flip your routine upside down. Once you get back to your normal workflow no more diet and exercise. 

You don’t have to use the latest and greatest tool to make sure you’re staying on top of your goals. What you do need to know is what works for you and stick to that. 

Q. What tools do you find most effective to keep clients on track to hit their goals?

  1. “Organization – and that’s where I come in. I keep them on track and give them the tools to continue their organization.”

Virtual assistants of all kinds play a part in an organization’s organization. Whether you have to create the images and logos on time or you are project managing it all, the right VA is hired to get the job done. Knowing how you do this, where your unique skills and abilities fit in, and why you provide the most value is the key to not only your success but your clients. 

Q. Share with us any goals you hit in 2019. (They can also be personal!) 

  1. “Increased revenue by 25% and my dog is very near certification for Search and Rescue.”

Wow, who wouldn’t want to increase their revenue by 25%? While many VAs might not think this is worth sharing to the client this is actually a really great selling point. Clients will trust you more to be able to help them increase their revenue. I know I love to hire VAs who are crushing goals and getting things done in their own businesses. They have great insight that also benefits my company. 

Personal goals are so important. We’re all human first. In fact, when I ask clients what they would do if they had just one more hour in the day the number one response is sleep. That’s always a great reminder that they can’t do it all themselves. Strive to hit your personal goals and do what you can to help your clients achieve theirs. 

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