Vacationing Tips for Virtual Assistants

Vacationing Tips for VAs

This week the AVA is bringing you vacationing tips for virtual assistants. In our last blog post, we discussed how to plan the vacation that is right for you and your business. Whether you are traveling or planning a staycation or want to be fully disconnected or check-in from time to time, here are some trusted tips to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks in your business. 

Remember, you are your first client. Treat yourself accordingly. Taking care of all your other client’s without taking care of your own business is sabotaging yourself. As we discussed in the last blog post, first start by determining what type of vacation you would like to enjoy and set yourself and your business up for success by planning to be successful. 

Freedom and flexibility is the number one reason that people become virtual assistants. If you’re not vacationing as you choose, you’re not taking advantage of the very reason you likely became a VA. 

Tip #1: Create and/or review your SOPs.

Even if it’s just you, creating standard operating procedures is a must. You know how important they are to your client’s business. SOPs are just as important to your business. Plus, if and when you hire a team member you are ready to hit the ground running. Don’t guess what needs to be done when you’re on vacation, create a checklist based on your SOPs. 

Tip #2: Hire a virtual assistant now.

You can hire someone to manage your business when you are on vacation just like clients do. Of course, there will need to be some training time, but the bonus is the training time can pay off for future vacations, long weekends, mental health days, and sick days. You might start taking off more time for yourself! 

Tip #3: Schedule and automate.

Schedule and automatically queue up all your posts, emails, newsletters, etc., well in advance of your vacation. This is the ultimate for setting and forgetting it and it feels great! Spending an extra hour a day (or week, depending on your business) scheduling out your needs a month prior to your vacation goes a long way. Don’t forget to schedule your out of office replies as well. 


Tip #4: Create your perfect week back in the office.

There is no rule that says you have to overwork when you return from vacation in order to “catch up”. If your perfect week back in the office is easing into work every day, then do that! The best vacation time off doesn’t have to be a faint memory the moment you reconnect back to your business. Know how you choose to ease or jump right back into business. Plan enough time to respond to emails, catch up on social media, run any reports needed, as well as begin your client meetings again. Your time is always yours unless you don’t plan and then clients have a way of planning your time for you. 

Don’t short change you or your business. Vacationing as a virtual assistant in any form provides you with a much-needed break, can help recharge your batteries, and even sparks creativity.

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