Tina-Marie Kmyta

Tina-Marie Kmyta

Tina-Marie Kmyta’s mission is to serve small business owners, coaches, and health and wellness experts by taking the day-to-day tasks off their hands. I offer Time and Peace Of Mind – two things that are taken for granted.

Connect With Tina-Marie Kmyta:

Why I recommend AVA: AVA is a community of like-minded virtual assistants all searching for the same thing. Communication, friendship, fun, education and information about the VA industry and all it involves. All of which is found in this wonderful community.

My fun facts:

  • I am a nerd and I am a workaholic, BUT when I take down time I LOVE to fish, or just be out on the water.
  • I am a red wine LOVER
  • I retire from my job with the Ontario Provincial Police on July 5th, 2019~~!! I look forward to that and having the extra time to work my business.