Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

Lizabeth Wesely Casella

Lizabeth Wesely Casella is a professional VA specializing in small business, executive and entrepreneur support. I have 20+ years supporting private and non-profit groups and I recently started to build L-12 Services, my VA & Business Consulting brand. I speak and advocate for eating disorders and weight stigma prevention and I live in Washington DC with my husband and 2 beautiful girl dogs, Pumpkin and Tigger.

Connect With Lizabeth Wesely Casella:

Why I recommend AVA: It is a fast paced, highly interactive community with active and knowledgeable members. In my short time as a member I’ve frequently interacted with both colleagues and the AVA leadership and each occasion I have left with a new piece of information and perspective. In addition, the increasing amount of resource material is very valuable and current which is so helpful with the ever-changing landscape of VA branding, pricing, and marketing.

My fun facts:

  • I briefly hosted (produced if you could call it that) a cooking show on YouTube.
  • I built an information and advocacy website for eating disorders and weight stigma prevention which, within 1 year of development, enabled me to consult on language edits to the Let’s Move! program by the Office of the First Lady.
  • I moved from Arizona to Washington DC and married my next door neighbor.