Bonnie Schutz

Bonnie Schutz

Bonnie Schutz has been a career Executive Admin that 2 years ago decided to venture out of corporate America into the land of virtual assisting. I created my company Tandem Resource Solutions (TRS) as a VA and recruiter of admins for in-office positions. I now manage an agency of over 25 VA’s!

Connect With Me:

Why I recommend AVA: I would recommend AVA for many reasons! Finding a tribe of like-minded people is a must! Working from home can be isolating. If you have others, like the AVA members, to chat with, bounce questions off of, ask for advice, it makes life much easier! As they grow, I am also certain the AVA will do big things! I am honored to be a founding member and part of their launch!

My fun facts:

  • Fun fact 1 – I can eat Taco Bell more than once a week and still lose weight! Of course, I can gain weight too, but losing is better!
  • Fun fact 2 – I planned my 30th high school reunion in 2016 (with a class count of over 400 people) pretty much all by myself (had a couple elves help me, like my great hubby)! And I wasn’t even the popular prom queen or on student council back then. I just volunteered and went with it! So much fun!!
  • Fun fact 3 – My husband I are cruising fanatics! We cruise yearly now. Was completely hooked after our third cruise (our first in a room with a balcony overlooking the ocean). What a way to travel. Visiting multiple countries and enjoying all the ships have to offer! I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t done one yet!