Åsa Tassdal

Åsa Tassdal

Åsa Tassdal helps entrepreneurs with “everything else”. Whatever the problem is that is keeping you from being able to focus on your core business, I will take care of it for you. Either by doing it myself, or by finding you the best solution.

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Why I recommend AVA: Networking with peers is the best way to learn more about the profession, and to find inspiration and help when you need it.

My fun facts:

  • When I was a child, I met author Astrid Lindgren. The creator Pippi Longstocking. That is still the famous person that I am the most happy to have met.
  • I love music, but I’m not very fond of concerts. Partly because I love mixing my music. My favorites range from Ella Fitzgerald to Metallica. Hard to fit into one concert…