The Top 5 Skills Clients Are Looking For in 2022 Pt. 4

Top 5 Skills

The Association of Virtual Assistants is sharing the top 5 skills clients are looking for in 2022 in our January blog series! 


Founder & CEO of the AVA, Melissa Smith, shared these already with members of the AVA and we are breaking them down for you week by week. 


Coming in at #4 is: Professionalism


There is no longer one set standard for what constitutes professionalism. Instead, clients want to hire a virtual assistant who matches their professionalism level. This is called Authentic Professionalism. 


Sounds easy enough, but still many VAs struggle with owning who they are in work and in their personal lives. Authentic professionalism requires that you get real with yourself first. You are your first client. Own who you are and your ideal clients will be attracted to you.


Here is Melissa’s advice on how to deliver one of the top 5 skills clients want from their VA in 2022!  



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