The Mindset of Marketing Your VA Business Pt. 2


The mindset of marketing your virtual assistant business is different from the mindset needed to sell your VA business services. In the last blog, we shared the differences between marketing and selling, as well as the mindset to take into marketing. 

How you market your VA business is largely dependent upon the mindset you take into the process. We’ve already discussed the mistaken mindset of confusing marketing with sales, as well as creating a strategy. 

There are also three key elements of a mindset marketing strategy for your VA business. 

        1.  Commitment

Make a commitment to your marketing strategy. This is the first step in the mindset process. When you make a commitment you are committing to your overall business as this is what it takes to be a business owner. It’s a power skill that every CEO, founder, and entrepreneur must learn at one time or another. You don’t have to commit to it forever, you can hire someone else if you like, but someone has to own this role. 

In making this important commitment, you are essentially making up your mind. One of the biggest reasons that VAs are unsuccessful is that they have not fully committed to their business and their success. They dabble in being a VA and leave it mostly up to chance simply because they haven’t made up their mind to commit.

       2.  Plan Your Message Of Awareness

Be mindful of the approach to plan and share your message. When you don’t have a strategy, the default usually becomes a spray and pray approach. This is when you see VAs sharing everything about their business and hoping they won’t ever have to share it again. One and done. Think of it this way, you’re watching a restaurant commercial and they share everything they have on their menu hoping to get you to buy. That’s spraying and praying. You have to pray because it’s the only scenario when that approach to messaging works. 

Think back to the commitment you made to your business and know that creating awareness for your business is ongoing. Take relief in the simplicity of sharing something specific versus your entire bio or service catalog. This is a mindset that has taken the time to plan and thus see results. Not show up sporadically only to receive sporadic results.

        3.  Be Customer-centric 

Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable. What does customer-centric marketing mean? It means that the experience of your marketing should mirror the experience of working with you. Most VAs share that they want to be in the background or work behind the scenes, yet their marketing is all about them, not the client they wish to serve. You can be very effective in behind the scenes marketing if you keep a mindset that is customer-centric.

Prioritize the mindset of the client over your own mindset. Focusing on yourself first and foremost doesn’t allow the client to ever self-identify. While they may have an awareness of you, if you have a marketing strategy that is solely focused on you, they can’t see themselves working with you. The cornerstone of bad marketing is focusing on the kind of business you think you should be and promoting that rather than focusing on the client and creating awareness around their needs. 

With the right mindset for marketing your VA business, you are creating awareness that leads to conversations, and eventually working relationships.

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