Taking Time Off As A Virtual Assistant: Pt. 1

Taking Time Off As A Virtual Assistant - 1

The Association of Virtual Assistants knows the importance of taking time off as a virtual assistant. We also know that many VAs don’t take enough time off. Ironic since this is one of the greatest benefits virtual assistants give to their clients – being able to take time off and disconnect. 


Part of the reason virtual assistants don’t take time off is simply due to lack of planning. They are planning so many things for their clients and family that they often neglect themselves. However, the reality is that as a VA you are your first client. 


In this month’s blog series the AVA is going to be sharing how to take time off as a virtual assistant. This week the focus is on the importance of planning a vacation. 


Your vacation starts long before you actually arrive at your destination. In fact, planning a vacation “powers positivity” says Michelle Gielan of the Institute for Applied Positive Research. When the IAPR surveyed about the benefits of planning a trip the findings were astonishing. 


  • 97% of survey respondents report that having a trip planned makes them happier;
  • 82% say a booked trip makes them “moderately” or “significantly” happier; 
  • 71% reported feeling greater levels of energy knowing they had a trip planned in the next six months.


According to Dr. Christine Carter, “Studies show that positive anticipation can bring us as much or more pleasure than the actual event itself.” 


One of the key ingredients to finding joy and happiness is in gratitude. When planning a vacation we often exude excitement in the form of gratitude by sharing with others. It might be sharing your excitement with friends and family over a meal or coffee. You might share while texting with a friend or even post to social media to share with everyone you are connected with. In the process of this you are actually practicing gratitude. 


We’ve given you the science behind the joys of planning a vacation and how it is scientifically proven to benefit you. Let’s not forget that one of the reasons to take time off is to avoid burnout. 


No matter how much you enjoy your work, enjoy your clients, or enjoy your life you need to enjoy and appreciate yourself enough to take time off. 


Next week, we’ll be sharing how to plan your vacation to get the most out of it! 


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