Taking Time Off As A Virtual Assistant: Part 2

Virtual Assistant Vacation Part 2

Taking time off as a virtual assistant is a necessity, not a luxury. Just as you give your clients the ability to disconnect from work, you deserve the same. 


Last week we discussed the science behind planning a vacation and why it makes us happier. This week we’re going to be discussing how to plan a vacation to get the most out of it. 


Here are the steps:

  1. Set a goal. It may seem strange to set a goal for a vacation but the goal is our intention. Know what you want to get out of your vacation which is unique to you. If you like to fill your days with activities, great. If you like to have rest and relaxation with a book by the pool that’s great too. Know what you want out of your vacation and set a goal to do it!
  2. Set your boundaries. While on vacation it is a perfect time to explore, do and try things you might not at home. Getting out of your comfort zone is often how we create some of our best new experiences and memories. However, it can go too far. Remember this is your time and you know yourself best. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into something simply because everyone else says you should. This is when things can go horribly wrong. When you have these conversations in the planning phase you can remove uncomfortable situations while you’re actually on vacation. 
  3. Schedule a photoshoot. Revisiting those positive memories, your body releases dopamine, says A.J. Marsden, an assistant professor of human services and psychology at Beacon College and a former U.S. Army surgical nurse. Additionally, when we look at ourselves in photos, not just the location, it increases dopamine levels.
  4. Set your vacation with the end in mind. Our brains are best at remembering how things ended, not the duration. When you set your vacation to end on a high you will always remember that feeling best so do what you can to end well. 
  5. Pro Tip: Remember that the end of the vacation always includes your travel experience. If your travel cannot be as easy and seamless as you like, make the travel getting to your destination the longer version and your travel coming home the shorter version. You’ll have more recovery time and are filled with more excitement and energy at the beginning of your vacation. That energy is easily depleted on the way home and makes heading back into your work routine much more challenging.


Now that you know the importance of planning your time off as a virtual assistant and how to plan a vacation that gives you the most joy, the next two weeks we’re going to be sharing how to make sure your business is taken care of while you’re out of the office. 


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