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The AVA State of the VA Industry Report – Finding Gaps in the Market

Gaps in the Market

Finding gaps in the market is essential as the Association of Virtual Assistants leads with its mission to be the most trusted source of information in the industry. When virtual assistants are thinking about entering the industry they want to know where the demand is in hope of finding their niche and clients.  A large […]

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Partnerships That Help You Grow Your Business – Facebook Ads

facebook ads

The Association of Virtual Assistants is committed to providing members with opportunities for partnerships that help them grow their businesses.  Virtual assistants at all stages in their business want to grow their businesses. Whether it is to gain their first client, have a full book of business, grow a team or agency, or expand to […]

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A Year in Review as a Virtual Assistant – Pt.2

This blog series is a year in review as virtual assistants who are at the forefront of client services, experiences, and assisting to share what they have observed and what they are forecasting for the future. In last week’s blog series we discussed online learning, where clients of virtual assistants are and where VAs are […]

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