Starting Your VA Business pt 4 – Why This Isn’t Employment

Starting your VA business? The Association of Virtual Assistants supports all virtual assistants including those who are employed. However, if you are looking for VA employment it is not the same as starting your VA business.

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t sure what the differences are. It’s because the title of virtual assistant describes how we work not necessarily what we do or whom we do it for.

With the continued rise of remote working the line is becoming even more blurred. Again, the AVA is here to support you. However, how we will be able to support you is different.

Let’s discuss the fundamental differences of being a remote working VA and a VA business owner:

Remote Working VA:

  • You earn a set salary or hourly wage
  • Your employer pays your taxes and benefits
  • You have a company culture to abide by as well as policy and procedures
  • Your hours are set for you
  • Typically less freedom and flexibility

VA Business Owner

  • You can set yourself up to earn whatever you like
  • You pay your own business taxes and benefits
  • You set your own rules and get to choose the clients you work with
  • You can set your hours however you like – your clients cannot legally set your hours for you
  • You have the ability to have as much freedom and flexibility as you wish

Besides getting paid versus earning your own income the biggest misconception between the two is the freedom and flexibility. For some reason, there is a misconception that if you are remote working that your job allows you lots of freedom and flexibility. While that could be the case it is not always the case.

Don’t be swayed by photos of people working from the beach or on top of a cliff somewhere. Your employer and your fellow employees have the right to reach you during business hours and there is quite a bit of work to get done. Remote working is not taking a vacation from work or having a more relaxed schedule. It is simply not working from the office.

Many assistants who wish to become virtual assistants want to have the freedom and flexibility of being a VA business owner, but don’t want to grow their own book of business or have to get clients. There is not right or wrong way. However, this is not a situation where you can have your cake and eat it too.

Choosing one over the other is not bad. You must do what is right for you. What is the biggest issue to address is that remote working is not a natural transition for most admins coming into the VA field. Over and over again we’ve heard how a client hired their old in-person assistant but he or she was not able to work well virtually no matter how much of a rock star she was in the office.

The AVA recognizes this and was founded to address it. As the workforce continues to become remote we have the training, knowledge, and support to help our fellow admins make the transition to either become a remote working VA or start their VA business.

The Association of Virtual Assistants is here for you today, tomorrow, and at every stage of your career. Join the AVA now to get your support.

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