Spring Forward As A Virtual Assistant

Spring Forward Virtual Assistant

The Association of Virtual Assistants loves to see VAs and particularly our members spring forward in their business endeavors. What is most amazing is that planting the smallest of seeds can have you reaping the biggest rewards!


Is your VA business in full bloom? 


Here are three ways to make sure your VA business is springing forward and blossoming all year round. 


  1. Decide What You Want To Grow


If you were allergic to tomatoes would you grow them just because they are said to be easy to garden? You can choose to do what is easy or you can choose to grow what you really want. It might not be as easy to garden but the payoff will surely be rewarding. 


Be vigilant in your decisions so they can be valuable to you later. 

  • Do you want to grow your team? Grow your network of VAs and your hiring skills;
  • Do you want to grow your client base? Grow your outreach and marketing;
  • Do you want to grow your services? Grow your professional development;
  • Do you want to grow your income? Grow your profit margin.


2. Plant Networking Seeds


We can all agree in the power of a strong network and how valuable a network can be. How consistently are you planting networking seeds? Is it once or twice a year? How often do you take the time to water, cultivate, and take the weeds out of your network to keep it growing?


Networking doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. It does have to be planned and purposeful. 

  • Make a plan for whom you want to network with and why;
  • Decide how much time a week or month you can devote to new outreach, as well as remaining committed to forming deeper relationships with those currently in your network;
  • Understand how you can add value to your network.


3. Harvest Early & Often


As a general rule, it’s a best practice to harvest early and often. This translates to taking advantage of opportunities. Leave opportunities in the garden for too long and they become rotten. 


Not taking advantage of opportunities is typically a confidence issue. Be confident in yourself even when you are not confident in your skills and find the best way to make opportunities something you can reap. 

  • Set clear expectations and never overpromise and underdeliver;
  • Make sure risks are calculated so no matter the outcome you gave yourself the opportunity to take an opportunity;
  • Have faith and control what you can. Rain isn’t always a bad thing and sunny days aren’t always your friend. Rain allows the roots to grow deep. If every day was sunny and you never experienced rain you’d have a drought and eventually a desert. 


Taking these three steps in your VA business, at any time of the year will have you springing forward all year round! 


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