Setting Goals for Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2021 Part 4

Setting Goals Part 4

Setting goals for your virtual assistant business in 2021 is all about opportunity. 


In part 1, we let you know what the biggest opportunity VAs have. In part 2, we shared why it is the biggest opportunity.  In part 3, we discussed the power of the ripple effect and why it’s so important to achieving your virtual assistant business goals. 


Now it’s time to discuss the how of achieving the goals you set. 


There are two things to consider when deciding on the how:


  1. The medium
  2. The motive


The medium is the method of communication where you will share your thoughts and ideas with your audience. For example, it could be writing, podcasting, or videos. And, yes, it could be all three. However, there will be one predominant source that others will be added upon. 


For instance, you could begin with a video. Turn that into a blog and then share further on your podcast. What virtual assistants forget is that you’ll need a VA to assist with all these things, not to mention more time. 


There is no one medium that is better than the other. The best medium is the one you will consistently do and easily.  You must set yourself up for success. You wouldn’t enter a marathon without ever having run a 5k. Don’t push yourself to do something you’re not mentally prepared for and that you can’t easily commit to. 


The motive comes from three things:

  1. Listening
  2. Listening 
  3. Listening


After you know the medium, your motive should be to first listen to what is being asked if you are going to provide the value and education your audience craves. 


Note that you will continue to refine and revisit your motive through listening. That’s why listening is listed three times! You’ll find that your audience doesn’t always know how to ask the right questions. In fairness, they might not know what to ask. Think about how many times you yourself didn’t know what you didn’t know. Your audience is the same. 


In order to get to their question behind the question, you’ll need to ask more questions than you provide answers for. 


Listening is a skill best done silently, with no agenda, and with the only motive to provide value to the questions being asked. It is a skill perfected with practice so practice often. 


Take action when setting goals for your virtual assistant business in 2021. Know your medium. Know your motive. Know that adding values to others will add value to your own business. 


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