Setting Goals for Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2021 Part 2

Setting Goals Part 2

Setting goals for your virtual assistant business in 2021 is all about opportunity. In the last blog post, we discussed the biggest opportunity that VAs have to reach their goals is through educating clients and future VAs alike. 


What if you don’t know where to start educating? Where do you find the answer? We always have to start with ourselves, not the client. A person’s perception is their reality. If you are going to focus on making a positive difference by educating others to reach your goals this year, what has your reality been? 


Like attracts like. It’s the Law of Attraction to attract others with the same perception as you. If your perception is not one of opportunity, but despair, you will attract the same. Before beginning to educate others, make sure you are focusing on the opportunity, not the problem. 


If reaching your virtual assistant business goals for the year is as simple as educating others on what you offer, then why doesn’t every VA do this? It’s because their perception is that someone else is already educating on that topic. Or, someone else can educate better. Basically, they think that it’s already been done. That’s focusing on a perceived problem, not a perceived opportunity. 


When you focus on the opportunity of an educational topic even though it seems someone else is in the same space you’ll find many positives:


  • An Audience

Companies spend hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars every year in research to make sure there is a large enough audience for the service or product they are offering. If your educational topic has a large audience already the hard work has been done for you! 


  • Many Successful People

Awesome! Do you know why there are so many successful people in that field? Because the audience base is large, growing, and there are not enough of them to go around! When you focus on your perception and your voice you’ll understand that you are absolutely unique. There is not a single person who can share what you know from the perspective only you have. It doesn’t matter how many successful people are educating on the topic. If you’re not, then the world is missing your perspective. 


  • Collaborators Not Competitors

Who better than a VA (or any remote worker for that matter) to understand how lonely business can get when you’re doing it alone? Conferences, summits, panels, etc. are all made up of collaborators, not competitors. Sharing information, not hoarding. Supporting you in business, not sabotaging. Some of your best ideas can come from those in the same space! When you understand your unique value and perception you’ll understand your true worth and the opportunities only available to you. 


To make 2021 the year of opportunity and reach your goals share your perspective to read the benefits of your newly found opportunities. 


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