Setting Goals for Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2021 Part 1

Setting Goals Part 1

Setting goals for your virtual assistant business in 2021 can’t be done without revisiting your 2020 goals. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we can reach our ultimate goal – even if it’s not in the way we intended. 


Recently, Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants, Melissa Smith spoke to the Virtual Assistant Academy of Portugal on the topic of “Your Impact As a VA in a COVID World”. She challenged VAs to look for the opportunities and said, “We can choose to look at the problems of COVID or we can choose to look for the opportunities. Whatever you look for you will find.”


No matter what type of VA you identify as or what client services you offer there are plenty of opportunities available to you. While COVID has changed the world, it has also finally answered the question that many clients and potential clients once had. It solved the biggest problem VAs had, educating the world on the ability of virtual assistants to work remotely, effectively, and with the ability to create relationships and collaborate impactfully.


Having this problem resolved presents a new opportunity for VAs – educating clients on the work that can be done by a virtual assistant. For every person who has used or understood the world of VAs for years there is a brand new person to educate. This includes clients and future VAs alike.  Even for those clients familiar with the world of VAs, there needs to be further education on what they thought they knew about our industry and all that they still don’t know. 


You may not see yourself as an educator. What the AVA found to be true in 2020 was that the VAs who thrived, even after initial setbacks to reach their goals, educated and in some cases held the hand of their clients to educate them on a variety of topics. 


  • Virtual working;
  • Virtual collaboration;
  • Virtual team building;
  • Virtual speaking;
  • Virtual online courses;
  • And the list goes on!


Your goal may not be to become an educator. However, if that were the way you were to achieve your goals in 2021, would you be willing to become one? 


What did you learn in 2020 that you can educate others on? 


Make 2021 the year of opportunity and reach your goals!


The Association of Virtual Assistants’ mission is to become the most trusted source of information in the VA industry. We provide resources, education and training for virtual assistants at every stage of their career, and for clients as well in a like-minded community. 


Let me know when the AVA reopens membership!


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