Virtual Assistant Business – Running It During the Summer Pt 4

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Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer: Working With a Disrupted Routine

Last week we discussed taking a vacation and disconnecting. However, with the longer days, day trips, events with the kids, and what seem like more opportunities to break routine I was curious to find out if our four founding AVA members ever had trouble getting back into a routine of their Virtual Assistant Business, what they loved about it, and what they wish they knew beforehand.

Getting Back Into The Routine of Your Virtual Assistant Business

Both, Katie and Alicia said they never have trouble getting back into her routine and credit the love of routine, their work, and their clients.

Occasionally it is something that Heather has to manage and takes a positive constructive look at. “I look at why I am struggling – is it the timing, or are there things about the routine that I figured out aren’t serving me, my business or my family. Then I look at how I can adjust my routine to make it work. If there isn’t anything out-of-place or wrong with the routine, it is a matter of just pushing through to follow the routine to get back into the groove.”

Keisha finds that getting back into a routine can be something that’s a bit challenging from time to time as well. “Occasionally. I usually do something symbolic at the start of the school year; lunch or breakfast with a friend, or even just a day to myself before I dive in.”

What You Know Now About Working With Children At Home

“It’s all about balance and show yourself grace. It takes time to find a groove or routine that works for you and your family. Don’t give up!” – Katie

“Making sure I have clear boundaries of my work space vs play space.” – Heather

“That even the best behaved child can be so curious they really need to see what is going on in the office…and so they will come on in! LOL I was naive to believe that my kids wouldn’t come in unannounced in spite of my best explanations of WHY they could not be in the office with me.” – Alicia

“That I would still need childcare occasionally.” – Keisha

Final Joys Of Running Your Own Virtual Business

Although it is hard it is amazing! Having a “normal” job doesn’t allow me to have dance parties with my daughter in the middle of the day. – Katie

It isn’t always easy. I love having the flexibility to rearrange my schedule when the kids are sick or there is a snow day. Part of why I chose to have my own business was to be more present when the kids were out of school. – Heather

It is truly a blessing; a real gift and if a person is given the opportunity to work at home with children, I really think it’s worth trying to see what it’s like and/or how well it could work for them. – Alicia

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