Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer Pt 2

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Running Your Virtual Assistant Business During the Summer: Personal Routines and Challenges with Children At Home

In our last article we discussed how four of our AVA founding members manage client work during the summer This week we’re going to discuss how and if this affects their own personal routines and the challenges they face.

Summer Routines

Only one of the VAs we interviewed has children at home during the day all year round. Katie Ehle of Ekklesia Marketing says that one of the reasons she started her business was to create the routine she wanted. However, the summer won’t affect her business due to her simple routine. “I have a lot of summer activities planned so it may vary on some days but our routine is very simple so it will remain the same most days.”

Heather Nitch of Do It the Write Way, believes “even the best routine could benefit from a break”. She’s also affected by the summer schedule and says, “Due to custody arrangements, the kids are with me every other week during the summer and I work more hours when they are away. The weeks the kids are with me, I will take extra time away from work for day trips, and start working earlier in the morning to accommodate swimming in the pool in the afternoons.”

The summertime can also be a good time to give yourself more breaks! Alicia Peterkin of New Methods Consulting shares, “I actually allow myself time during the week to enjoy time with the kids as a family. Normally, I leave the weekend for family time but during the summer I like to be able to have some time in the week because my bonus baby is here and we all like to go do things together.” Without the need to wake up early and get the kids ready for school, Alicia also allows herself time to sleep in during the summer.

Keisha Page of Working Mama Media has two special needs children and has found that purposeful time away is necessary. While she enjoys sleeping in during the summer as well, she works later evening hours as well. “Yes. We’ll be doing daycare for 12 hours a week. They and I will leave the house during these times. I’ll get to work in an unbothered environment (without even the dog) and they will get to have some fun with friends.”

Summer Challenges

Katie finds that during the day she’s only able to get a few hours of work while her youngest naps. “I get most of my work done after dinner.”

Heather finds that being off limits can be challenging during the summer. “[They do not respect] my “work” boundaries. When I am in my office, I am off limits.”

Alicia sometimes experiences FOMO. “I want to be involved in all the activities the kids are doing with their dad. I don’t want to be left behind and I get a bit bummed that I can’t go too.”

Keisha’s children, although older, but with special needs want and need a different kind of attention. “The interruptions. At their ages, it isn’t just requests for juice. They want to have conversations or tell you about something cool they did.”

Summer Benefits

While we all love our children dearly and yet still need to meet deadlines there are benefits to having our children around while we’re working.

Katie says, “I like that they see that I am able to work hard and play hard. I want my kids to know they can have “it all” whatever that means for them.”

Heather’s children are in their teens and says, “Some days, it is nice to have them to talk through ideas.”

Whether you keep the same routine, face more challenges, or find the summer brings you more benefits the Association of Virtual Assistants was created with you in mind. Join now and become part of a community of like-minded individuals sharing the same joys and struggles as you! Have grown children (like me!) or no children at all? We still have plenty of like-minded members from all over the world to share your story with.