Rebranding Yourself Completely pt 4 – You No Longer Identify As A Virtual Assistant

While we hope this day doesn’t come, should it, your AVA family will support you just the same in rebranding yourself completely on the next career journey you have.

This doesn’t mean you are no longer offering the same services. However, it does mean you no longer identify as a virtual assistant. While you might not think changing your title matters, it does to your clients.

There is something very personal about having a virtual assistant. If you change your title to consultant it could be confusing and even conflicting because your client may already have a consultant and find it unnecessary to have two. The same goes for the title of coach.

Furthermore, changing your title comes with a new set of responsibilities and challenges. Can you compete with consulting firms and those consultants who have built their career at the biggest and most respected firms in the world? As a coach do you know what your practice, methodology, or discipline is? Can you tell your clients how many professional hours you have logged? There is nothing and no one stopping you from rebranding. To do it properly you must know what you are getting into and what questions should be asked and answered before you begin the process.

The natural tendency of VAs when rebranding is to go for the obvious title of coach or consultant. These might be obvious to you but not the client. Start by doing some research on how you are being found. Then begin to have triggers for current and potential clients to find you the way you want to be found. Essentially, you are retraining your audience as part of the rebranding process.

Additionally, you’ll need some sort of content to support it. Whether it be a blog, a podcast, or a book redefining yourself which has to be done before any real branding can take place, has to be measured. Changing your title won’t change the way others define you. Your message will.

Rebranding is something VAs love to do! However, most don’t consider the consequences. Rebranding can be done at any time during your career and in business. It doesn’t just happen when you change your title or offer a new service. Before you rebrand you should know what you are doing.

The Association of Virtual Assistants will support you as you define a new future of rebranding yourself completely. Variety is the spice of life and change is inevitable. You may longer identify as a virtual assistant but this is our way of thanking you for the service you provided our industry and knowing that it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

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