Rebranding Yourself Completely pt 3 – You Changed Your Business Name

Many virtual assistants start out with a business name and as their business grows find out they have become a brand of their own. In other instances, VAs have formed a partnership and a new business name has to be created.

Forming a partnership and agency requires a rebranding because you do in fact want clients to think of you differently. You want them to know you offer more, are growing and expanding. If you are simply adding people to your team you wouldn’t need to rebrand but forming a partnership means the other partner(s) need to be represented and highlighted as well.

Similar to creating a new story of your own and creating a marketing strategy for any rebrand, more thought and consideration must be placed on a business name change and partnership because how you will even be found has changed. However, when you are found what will be familiar, what will be a pleasant surprise?

Consider launching softly and collecting feedback from a variety of different people – including your family, friends, and peers. Not seeing you as the entire sum of your business will shift the focus and their questions about how you are fitting in may seem obvious until you notice what is missing.

As with anything, by the time you launch you are too close to the problems you are solving and the business you are creating to see what is missing. Often, it’s not that something is missing as much was simply not captured for others to notice.

This can and should be an exciting time in the growth of your business and it doesn’t mean that you can’t own multiple businesses either. Life is not an either/or situation. Who said as a VA that you couldn’t own multiple businesses?

When you join the Association of Virtual Assistants you are not competing for business or part of a group that you might outgrow. Our role is to grow ahead of you and lay the foundation for opportunity so that you lay your latest business business foundation. And when you do we’ll be on the front row to watch your virtual ribbon cutting! Rebranding yourself completely deserves all the excitement you can handle!

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Bryan Lewis

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