Rebranding Yourself Completely pt 2 – Creating a Second Company or Consulting Firm Separate From Your VA Business

Rebranding Yourself Completely

Rebranding Yourself Completely – As a virtual assistant you may find that you are a natural entrepreneur and have been selling multiple – different products and/or services on a single site. As your business grows you may find this confuses the client. You might even notice your new clients are completely different. This is a key opportunity, whether you wish to keep your VA business or change to something completely different, to rebrand.

Remember that rebranding is a marketing strategy. Along with a new name, a new logo, website, services, and pricing you will need to create an entire marketing campaign. We highly encourage you not to go at this alone. Remember that when Weight Watchers tried to rebrand their stock fell 35%. This is not about having money to rebrand but to do so thoughtfully and with the right amount of feedback and data collected.

Part of the reason for failure was not being true to who they are as a company. Instead, they changed in order to follow a trend and an audience that has never spent money with them. In doing to no one even under what “WW” stood for anymore, which by the way, was actually not Weight Watchers. All the fancy branding, logos, promotions, and ads fell flat and even worse left everyone confused. Chasing trends in hopes of gaining a greater market share have historically not worked well for companies and Weight Watchers was no exception.

There is no greater source than the paying clients you already have. Clients who have parted ways with their money and are invested in you should receive the highest level of care and be part of your largest data group.

Other data should be collected by those who have no idea who you are and what services you offer. They are far more likely to be candid in their responses which is what you want. While you are offering your services at no charge for this group this is not “free” work. These users will be required to give timely feedback all along the way. What they are giving you in return is priceless.

The group you want to avoid is your middle of the road test group which might consist of family, friends, and peers. The likelihood of having candid conversations and them telling you what is valuable or not has an increased biased. There can be no bias when you are rebranding.

Lastly, how will you tell this story? It’s easy to showcase your new business or logo. The process of bringing your clients along on the journey isn’t always as easy. Remember the point is not to start over in business. You’ve worked too hard to start over now. Your rebrand is also your marketing relaunch and your story needs to be told. Don’t think you’ll have the opportunity to speak with everyone to share it. Plus, you won’t want to or have the time when business is booming.

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