Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants – Rest Is The New Hustle – Part 1

Writing a blog post on productivity tips for virtual assistants to some of the most productive people in the workforce is no easy task. In fact, you’ll never see me sharing articles on productivity on any of my personal business platforms for three reasons. 

The first reason is that for our clients, I don’t believe it is their job to be productive in the way the media suggests. Instead, their job is to hire the right virtual assistant who can be productive on their behalf while they do the things that only they can do. Whatever they actually started their business to do. If a client started their business to coach others then that is what they should be focusing on – coaching clients, learning new ways to coach, the latest in coaching, how to coach multiple clients, reading, writing, and speaking on coaching, etc. 

The second reason is that most of the productivity tips for virtual assistants are really just hacks. Superficial at best. They are not long-term fixes and most are certainly not science-backed. Learning new software to spend more time on an app to get more done in one area while another area suffers is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul for time. It’s time debt. Meanwhile, all the person did was learn to save a few clicks here and there. There was no real-time saved dedicated to doing the things that really need to get done. Again, hire a VA already!

Finally, I don’t write or share on productivity tips for virtual assistants because it’s preaching to the choir! So why do I write now? Because this is different. I’m not going to tell you about new software or way to organize anything. Again, that would be pointless. This article on productivity tips for virtual assistants is really more about self-care, “Listful Living”. 

Take in this quote, 

“Rest is the new hustle.” – Paula Rizzo

Read that again quote again. 

No one takes better care of clients and keeps them productive more than you do. However, often when this is the case we neglect ourselves and our own productivity which has now shifted. We actually have to see ourselves and treat ourselves as a client. Did you get that? 

When you’re a VA productivity is not only measured in the work you do for your clients. It’s measured in the time you set aside for yourself. How can you be most productive in your business and with clients? Remember if you don’t take care of yourself stress, burnout, and at the very least fatigue will be at the door to greet you when you want him the least. 

Once again, “Rest is the new hustle”. However, rest shouldn’t be your vacation a few times a year. Rest should be part of your daily life. I would like to introduce you to the concept of Listful Living. Doesn’t it sound like it was created just for virtual assistants? 

Rest on this and in the next blog, we’ll unpack this more. 

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