Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants & Hiring a VA – Part 5

Here is another set of productivity tips for you… Have you ever had a client tell you that you need to hire a VA? That is not a good sign! Yet we often forget that the way to do more and be productive is to actually do less. You know all those things you tell your clients about their businesses – automate, create a system, update your website, do more outreach, you’re doing too much, and the list goes on and on, these are things you now need to put in check for yourself.

When I’m being interviewed for publications, radio, or podcasts I say that “emergencies don’t make appointments” and it resonates with everyone. It resonates because we’ve all had an emergency, no matter how big or small, that forced us to drop everything in our lives at some point. Are you prepared?

There are some clear signs that it is necessary to hire a virtual assistant. Please note that I didn’t refer to the timing as being perfect or even right. By the time it is necessary you have no doubt already missed the right timing. The right timing would have been before you needed a VA. Before the morning you wake up in tears, lacking sleep, with all the work you want, the clients you want, the money you desire, no time for yourself, and snapping at your loved ones. The right timing is before you spend hours performing tasks that you know aren’t the best use of your time and cause you stress.

Now, I’m not here to scare you into hiring a VA. I want you to again think about hiring a VA as the CEO of your business. This is just one of the best productivity tips I can give you. Imagine having another version of yourself. Or maybe someone who can do all the things you cannot. How great would that be? What kind of productive things could you do today?

Having been an assistant since 1993 when I turned 17 years old I’ve come across some really amazing individuals. Many of them I had the opportunity to assist and serve. Some of the best were doing three times as much as the others. They sat on boards, had the largest departments, managed the most people, had the largest budgets, regularly spoke, were creating new initiatives, not to mention exercising religiously, taking care of their families, and enjoying vacations.

One, very early on, was a mentor to me. I asked her how she did it all. She looked at me and said, “I don’t. I have you.” I was very young in my career and didn’t realize how big a role I played in her work and personal life. Now, I wasn’t the only person she had to assist her but that’s the point. She needed many and hired many. However, as I got to know her better and work with her longer I noticed she frequently went on last-minute trips. At the time I didn’t understand. So I asked her about the trips. As always, she was incredibly kind and insightful. Knowing she had a teachable moment, she stated that I allowed her to get away stress free. She knew that I wouldn’t let her down when she was away to enjoy her family and take a break from work. Working without stress made her more productive.

What I know now having several VAs work for me is that I’m not just productive in my ability to accomplish my goals by hiring virtual assistants. I will tell you that my VAs have made me look great! Almost five years later, three books, two virtual summits, and 28 countries (and counting) later it was no accident. Productivity is never easier than when I get to stay in my zone of genius, doing what I do best for the most possible hours throughout the day longer while I have my VA doing what she does best.

Hiring a virtual assistant gives you the same benefits as you give your clients. Productivity is not an accident. Productivity as the CEO of your company is purposeful. To be a great CEO you must hire the right people and future-proof your business. What could be more productive? Stay tuned for more productivity tips…