Podcast: Tonisha Stalnaker: From Layoff to Virtual Assistant Superhero

Tonisha Stalnaker is the Owner of Stalnaker Virtual Solutions, providing back end course platform and systems building. SVS loves working with Course Creators and Coaches to help bring their ideas to life with the goal of providing quality and improving efficiency. Tonisha is also a wife, a Mom, a “bonus” Mom, a dog Mom, a dance fitness instructor, lover of GIFs, and a movie fanatic. Her family is the “why” behind everything she does.


01:23 – Linkedin Coffee Chat

08:28 – The real Keanu Reeves can spell his own name 10:04 – Tonisha’s adventures in recruiting

13:49 – “I don’t want to be anyone’s employee anymore.”

25:36 – “Just a VA”

38:08 – VIP Day

49:41 – Advice for past-Tonisha

52:55 – Mindset, abundance, intention


Connect with Tonisha!

Website – https://stal nakervs.com





Tools Mentioned:

Kajabi – https://kajabi.com/

Teachable – https://teachable.com/

Clubhouse (Invite Required) – https://www.joinclubhouse.com/

ClickUp – https://clickup.com/

Booksy – https://booksy.com/en-us/


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