Podcast: Tara Shea: How to be Golden as a Virtual Assistant Coach

Tara is the owner and founder of Tara Shea The VA, LLC. Tara provides done-for-you administrative services for successful female entrepreneurs. She is also the creator of Foundations, an action based course where Tara teaches other women how to start their own successful Virtual Assistant business. Tara is passionate about teaching other women that it is possible to have a healthy work and life balance, and you don’t have to choose one over the other.


Tara lives in the Kansas City area with her Husband and two sons. When she is not working in her business, you can find her at one of her boys’ sporting events, reading a good book, baking or shopping.


11:49 – The first client

13:10 – How to spot red flags

20:57 – On teaching VAs

25:08 – Tara details her mini-course for VAs

34:01 – Within 20 hours a week

35:17 – Is Tara right for you?

39:27 – Planning ahead

41:44 – Be patient


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