Podcast: Sher Downing: EdTech and the Questions You’re Not Asking (Even as a VA)

In this episode, Kiri Mohan interviews Sher Downing, PhD, the Founder & CEO of Downing EdTech Consulting, a company creating connectivity between clients, vendors, designers, and technology. Kiri digs into Sher’s career, company, and what she looks for in a Virtual Assistant.

Sher is also the host of EdTech Speaks, a podcast exploring the navigation of business and education in a tech driven world. Previously she served in higher education administrative and faculty appointments and senior level corporate training positions. She serves as an international speaker/presenter, industry coach, author and a contributor to Forbes, HBR Ascend, and Medium.

1:29 Sher goes into what “EdTech” means

6:44 Sher recommends what questions VAs can ask their clients when figuring out an online platform for their teams

18:23 Sher goes into her biggest takeaway from COVID in the EdTech space

21:40 Sher talks about possible trends in the corporate and education industry post-COVID

27:13 Sher talks about when she first needed a VA and how she searched for a good match

30:51 What are the questions Sher asked while interviewing for a VA?

37:46 Sher describes her contractor team and how she hires

38:40 The best qualities that Sher looks for in a VA

41:09 The biggest difference VAs have made in Sher’s business

44:10 Sher offers a discount for VAs listening to the podcast to her Speakers Resource Group!

To find out more about Sher, you can go to


Speakers Resource Group: https://www.downingedtech.com/srg

Connect with Sher! https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherdowning


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