Podcast: Monday Musings: What’s a Common Misconception People Have About Virtual Assistants?

We LOVED this question submitted to AVA! Thank you to @upwestsocial for giving us this killer question: what’s a common misconception people have about VAs? Kiri got a little heated during the episode while reading the responses. Our members responded to this with gusto, and answers ranged from:

-How much money you can make

-VAs are more than generalists

-VAs have a lot of skillsets

-VAs can specialize in very unique fields

-And at the same time, VAs can’t do everything

We debunked all those myths and more in this episode. Take a listen! As always, we would love some of our Monday episodes to be a feature where we answer YOUR questions! Comment on LinkedIn, on Instagram @associationofvas or send an email to ask@associationofvas.com.

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