Podcast: Monday Musings: Choosing a Business Name

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In this episode, Kiri Mohan explores how VAs and others came up with their business name. It’s a fun episode that delves into topics like:

-Long vs. short business names

-Creativity behind the business name

-How the past can influence the business name

-Abbreviations and trying not to have a name be outdated in years to come

Our AVA members share how they come up with their business name, and Kiri saved what she thinks is the best story for last – so be sure to listen all the way through! Hopefully this will help VAs trying to come up with a business name or those that are switching careers or rebranding.

As always, we would love some of our Monday episodes to be a feature where we answer YOUR questions! What are your questions for Kiri (AVA’s COO), Melissa (AVA’s CEO), or Mimi (AVA’s CMO)? Send them to ask@associationofvas.com or leave us a comment. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll pose it to our own members!

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