Podcast: La’Quita Monley: Why A Real Estate Investor Invests in Virtual Assistants

If you’re looking to get into the the real estate business, this episode is one to listen to! La’Quita Monley uses Virtual Assistants for her real estate side business and gives valuable lessons on the real estate business.


La’Quita’s full-time hustle is a sought-out keynote speaker in the United States and abroad and a business coach, La’Quita challenges others to transform their thinking to revolutionize their spheres of influence. Leaders and entrepreneurs alike tune into her weekly live broadcast, Create Your Future Self, for inspiration and implementable action steps to realize their full potential. Her life’s work is proof that La’Quita Monley is impassioned by motivating others to become the best versions of themselves.


05:29 – Life as a military spouse

08:54 – Hard lessons in real estate

19:31 – Understanding purpose

22:46 – Channeling the lessons of scripture into leadership

27:35 – On hiring VAs

31:09 – Top tasks for real estate VAs

35:40 – Hiring VAs through an agency

40:54 – The right VAs for La’Quita

49:09 – Tips for aspiring real estate VAs

51:33 – Buy into the affirmation


Website – https://laquitamonley.com/


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REI Blackbook – CRM for real estate professionals



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