Podcast: Erin Andersen: Linkedin As a Strategy for Your Virtual Assistant Business

Erin Andersen is a LinkedIn Business Coach based in NYC. She offers a LI Booster Program to Virtual Assistants to enable them to provide LI optimization and monthly management as a service to their clients. Erin’s VA graduates experience immediate return on her program.

In her main job as a coach, Erin focuses on helping small business owners effectively build a LinkedIn strategy that organically attracts traffic to their profile. She also coaches on building content that sells and engagement strategies that reach your target audience.


11:27 – LinkedIn training

13:12 – The importance of LinkedIn for VAs

16:34 – On growing a business

18:44 – Where do courses come from?

22:23 – Erin’s course for VAs

32:45 – Success stories

37:40 – Repurposed for LinkedIn

42:51 – Erin on hiring VAs

47:05 – Who is the right VA for Erin?

50:36 – “Worst mistake was not hiring a VA earlier”

54:01 – Know why you started your business


Social Media

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/yourbrandnetworker/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/yourbrandnetworker/


VA Course- Join the waitlist! https://yourbrandnetworker.mykajabi.com/waitlist-sign-up


Additional Links Mentioned in the Show

Ariel Schiffer – DreamPro career coaching – https://dreamprocourses.com/

Judy Fox LinkedIn courses – https://www.judifox.com/

Taylor Slango, business coach – https://taylorslango.com/


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