Podcast: Emily Reagan: How to Be A Unicorn Virtual Assistant

Emily Reagan is a mom of four, air force wife, Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of vacrashcourse.com


Emily’s “VA” freelance business helps creative entrepreneurs take their talents online, grow their social media presence and build their sales funnels. She set out to distinguish herself as more than “just a VA” — she is a digital media VA and consultant – someone who does the work and understands the business. She now teaches digital marketing tech skills to over-educated, underemployed stay-at-home moms, and military spouses and people looking for a second career change so they can get hired by online business owners. Her 5-week intense training program is the Digital Media VA Crash Course and opens a few times a year.


02:24 – Unicorn VAs

03:31 – Trademark battles

09:32 – Prior experience in broadcasting

15:51 – Becoming a VA via Pinterest

22:58 – Starting without VA experience

26:27 – Emily’s “aha” moments

29:50 – On hiring friends

34:09 – Emily’s management tips

39:07 – Courses for VAs

50:00 – Who are Emily’s courses right for?

53:49 – On setting and raising rate

55:27 – Recognize your power





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Emily’s Podcast



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