Podcast: Dori Zabari: Crystallizing a VA Career From Academia

Dori Zabari created DIZI (“dee-zee”) strategies for purpose-driven business owners, supporting them by prioritizing process details, market research, and the user experience. Their purpose becomes tangible through online course development, website and client attraction, and implementation support. Dori builds for the creator, bringing their vision to life! In this conversation, we discuss how Dori went from being firmly entrenched in academia to pivoting and becoming a unique part of the Virtual Assistant world.

1:41 Changing Course From Professor to VA

6:27 Starting A Business with Mom

12:41 Identifying the Right Path

15:36 Dori on Discovering the VA World

17:34 Defining Roles to Suit Ideal Clients

26:12 The Platform is Secondary

31:08 Dori on Getting Her First (Ideal) Client

34:58 Dori on Marketing

41:18 Looking to the Future

You can find more info on Dori at https://www.dizistrategies.com/

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