Podcast: David Rockey: From a Varied Career to a Virtual Assistant Business

With 50 years of cumulative experience, David Rockey has a seasoned perspective on how to build, grow, and run small businesses. He created Your Office SOS to offer his expertise to solopreneurs who need to free themselves to focus on the core strengths of their business. He has been successful in retail, wholesale, and service industries. His skills include outside sales, business development, prospecting, and telesales. David has a broad range of skillsets, combining old school knowhow and the latest technology.

In this episode…

4:20 – David explains the thinking behind his company’s name, and facing the trepidation some businesses have about hiring a VA.

5:44 – David talks about how he approaches networking groups.

8:06 – David and Kiri reflect on how the VA business (and business in general) has changed in the time of Covid.

11:32 – Wrestler to renaissance man: David shares his road to working remotely and how the skills he accumulated along the way contribute to his success.

28:44 – Know your niche: David emphasizes the importance of knowing what you do and how to reach the people who need you.

33:23 – Being open to learning new skills and new software will prepare you for future clients’ needs.

You can find more info on David and his wife at www.yourofficesos.net.

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