Podcast: Chrissie Kenaston: Creating More Conversions as a Copywriter with a VA

Chrissie Kenaston is a Virtual Assistant turned copywriter who knows the key to attracting ideal clients is creating authentic messaging that builds true connection. She helps overwhelmed online coaches and course creators do just that, primarily through emails and websites. You can sign up for her weekly messaging tips at her website, https://copywithchrissie.com.

01:39 – How VA work fits into a military family’s lifestyle

03:38 – Chrissie finds her calling as a copywriter

08:45 – Working at home with kids

10:42 – Is copywriting right for you?

12:00 – Copywriting certification

15:13 – Unusual web copy

18:22 – Chrissie on hiring a VA

20:43 – VA to OBM

22:32 – Chrissie talks about her copywriting course

25:57 – How do you find your client’s voice?

30:30 – The value of showing up

39:09 – Where would we be without VAs

40:43 – Keeping promises

Chrissie’s freebie – https://copywithchrissie.com/weeklyemails/

Chrissie’s course – https://copywithchrissie.com/welcomesequence/

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