Podcast: CC Henderson: Knowing Your Capabilities & Limitations as a VA

Capri Henderson is a multifaceted force with an impressive resume that boasts over 20 years of administrative, organizational, and leadership skills rendering her one of today’s leading professionals. Capri’s passion for business administration derived from her appointment as head manager at Taco Bell at the age of 18 years old. In the years to follow, she successfully navigated through numerous high-level management positions such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and as a healthcare professional. Capri’s proudest accomplishment undoubtedly is being a mother of three sons and now a grandmother of two. She is offering her expertise to clients as the owner of CC Virtual Assistance LLC, providing services that include appointment scheduling, calendar management, customer service emails, and social media management.

02:59 – Taco Bell Beginnings

06:40 – Capri on transitioning to eldercare

09:10 – Virtual Beginnings

11:38 – Facing fears and following your heart

13:16 – Capri’s artist management career

16:41 – So I Started A Dog Page: Learning the Social Media Landscape

21:02 – Tips for new VAs

22:30 – Tips for social media

25:10 – Why Capri keeps part-time hours

27:34 – Capri on the freedom that VA work allows

31:40 – The customer is always…

36:19 – Capri’s ideal client

37:22 – Integrity

You can find more info on Capri at https://www.capricolene.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/capricolene-virtual-assistance

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ccvirtualassistant/

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