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The Association of Virtual Assistants is committed to providing members with opportunities for partnerships that help them grow their businesses. 

Virtual assistants at all stages in their business want to grow their businesses. Whether it is to gain their first client, have a full book of business, grow a team or agency, or expand to diversify their offerings and income streams, growth is an important factor. It is not always due to size, or connected to hours or time spent working. Growth is often a metaphor for money. 

It’s been said that, “Money is not everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen”. – Zig Ziglar

Facebook is right up there with oxygen as well. If it seems like everyone is using it’s because just about everyone is!

  • Nearly 3 billion people are actively using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger each month. That includes 2.6 billion people using Facebook alone, and more than 2.3 billion people using at least one of their services every day.
  • Facebook is an opportunity too big to ignore.

The AVA partnered with Sarah Lorenz, of Get Some Magic because it realized Facebook is an essential part of business growth and a fantastic opportunity. 

You don’t have to be a member of the AVA to take Sarah’s course. If you want to take them directly through Sarah and receive private coaching you can do that. One of the opportunities the AVA is offering you is to save hundreds of dollars/Euros by becoming an AVA member. 

When it comes to growing your VA business the AVA is committed to not only providing you opportunities but the right opportunities. What does the right opportunity look like? 

Pays for Itself

Not all opportunities are attached to a dollar figure. This one is! With the number of users, particularly high-income earners, there is money to be made on Facebook. For less than 300 Euros you will easily recoup your investment with your very first client. AVA has found that most clients spend an average of $35-$55/hour on a social media VA. For a high-paying client, this means you only need to work less than 10 hours to earn back on your investment. Want more specifics on the hourly rate a social media VA can charge? Download the Industry-Standard Pricing Guide.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? 

The AVA provides partnerships with industry leaders who will continue to provide education and updates as our services evolve. All AVA members enjoy a full 200 Euros OFF the entire Facebook Ads certification course! We give you the opportunity to pay less through our exclusive partnerships now and earn more later with your new learned skills.   

When it comes to “opportunities” we must be leery of “once in a lifetime” or “here today and gone tomorrow” opportunities. If something is really good and proven to work it is here to stay. However, when you can get a discount and save money on a product or service that isn’t going away, that’s when you have a real opportunity! And the AVA always provides that to our members.

Adds Value

Whether you are wanting to add value to your own business growth or the Facebook ads you will create for your clients and future clients, an opportunity adds value. The AVA understands that educating clients is a big part of what you do and how you run your business. After you take the Facebook Ads Certification, you won’t simply be just running Facebook ads for clients, you’ll be educating them on how to run the kinds of Facebook ads clients need to be running and even what campaigns to create. 

Bridges the Gap(s)

Often in business virtual assistants know where they are, but we also have the vision of where we want to be. In the middle, there seems to be a huge divide to cross and we wonder how it will ever be crossed. For virtual assistants, the other side is the dream of freedom and flexibility. Doing what you love when you love to do it. 

When you learn how to run Facebook ads that work like magic for your clients you are creating your own freedom and flexibility. You are creating a business to run the way you like, with the clients you love, to create the lifestyle of your dreams. Ad by ad you are building your own bridge and closing the gap.

Opportunities come with surprises!

Learning a new and profitable skill is its own reward. You feel accomplished and eager to share all that you know. What we often don’t realize is that now your surprise journey awaits. While you have now learned how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you are going – the joy is in the journey. Surprise!

As a determined virtual assistant you know you will meet your goals. What many people forget to mention is that while you can predict your goals you can’t predict surprises and that’s what makes them so great! 

This course takes a topic with a lot of mystery around it and makes it straightforward, doable and even fun! The instructor is high energy and full of positivity, and the included PDFs are an excellent resource when you don’t want to go back and watch the videos. I’m looking forward to implementing what I learned with my clients and in my own business. -Jamie Feinberg

Ready to take advantage of the partnership and enjoy a discount? Here is your opportunity!

We see you. We hear you. We value you. 

Thanks to Zephoria Digital Marketing for the latest in statistics!