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Being an executive virtual assistant (EVA) can put anyone to the ultimate test. The pressures to make the impossible possible with demanding executives is one of the traits of the best EVAs. In these times, EVAs are being put to new tests. The Association of Virtual Assistants is proud of our virtual assistants who have risen to the challenge and not only assisted their clients but have taught others how to work effectively remotely. Many have even made a name for themselves in this “new normal”. 

Part of the new normal is a new way of traveling. As states begin to open up and as travel begins again the rules have all changed. An EVA’s client will not find their value in simply knowing how to book travel but rather in the knowledge of booking travel in the new normal.

There is a legendary story of a handyman who visited a man’s house after a long battle to fix a problem. Within minutes the handyman fixed the man’s problem with the tap of his hammer and presented him a bill for $1,000. The man was shocked and asked what he was paying for when all the handyman did was hit a nail with his hammer. The handyman replied hitting the nail with his hammer was only $1. Knowing what nail to hit and where is valued at $999.

What the story demonstrates is the difference between the value of an action and the knowledge behind the action. 

As EVAs, what we used to know is no longer applicable at all times. In fact, if you are planning to travel now, you can’t take anything for granted. The airlines have cut back on services they are offering, destinations they are flying to (some airlines have removed service to airports forever), and the number of flights to destinations. Due to the lack of daily flights and the limited number of seats available many fights are becoming sold out even though it may seem that no one is traveling. Yet another challenge for EVAs.

That is why the AVA is so grateful to already have partnered with Erin Booth, who is the Queen of travel. Erin is on top of every single travel need and exception you can think of. In fact, Erin houses the go-to industry resource for travel needs. It is a live document and tracks all the latest changes and provides you what you need to know. 

Earlier this year, Erin became a partner of the AVA and created a certification, the Ultimate Guide to Executive Travel Planning.  What Erin teaches in the certification is absolutely still applicable. However, the live resources she shares in the certification are worth their weight in gold. It’s the highest value of knowledge. 

I LOVED this course!  I’ve been booking travel for executives for over 20 years and thought I knew enough.  Erin’s course proved otherwise.  Just knowing how to book flights, hotels and arrange transportation isn’t the half of it.  This course has so much valuable, time and money saving information it’s mind blowing!  I couldn’t believe how much more there was to learn about booking travel, especially the luxury section — super cool!  The links, tips, tricks, and templates are GOLD. If anyone is on the fence about taking this course, don’t hesitate.  You will definitely learn something you don’t know and have all of the information you need at your fingertips to provide valuable services to your clients. -Stacy Connelly  

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the changes amongst all the other things you have to do. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t.

When the AVA decided to partner with Erin it was because we knew that she is the best in business when it comes to travel. We were confident that as traveled changed, Erin would be the resource that stayed relevant and valuable. There was no way to have predicted how much travel would change and how quickly, but our prediction of Erin being the right partner for EVAs everywhere was spot on. You could say, “we hit the nail on the head”. 

For your client who must travel internationally or is headed out on a domestic flight this is the course that you need to take. 

We know as an EVA you might be called upon to be the Jack or Jill of All Trades. Now is not the time to try and figure it out on your own. Take Erin’s certification and you will look like the King or Queen of travel when you take Erin’s certification. Whether or not you are an AVA member you are going to want to follow Erin

If you are ready to increase your knowledge and take Erin’s Ultimate Guide to Executive Travel Planning certification AND want a discount, the AVA has you covered. The AVA provides partnerships with industry leaders who will continue to provide education and updates as our services evolve. 

All AVA members enjoy a full $50 OFF the entire certification course! We give you the opportunity to pay less through our exclusive partnerships now and earn more later with your new valuable knowledge.   

A wonderfully structured and comprehensive course for managing travels. I am sure that I will revisit this course often whenever I’m encountering specific situations or needs of my clients that are outside of the norm. Thank you for putting this all together and making it available for us. –Anja Riemer-Grobe

Ready to take advantage of the partnership and enjoy a discount? Here is your opportunity!

We see you. We hear you. We value you. 

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