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The Association of Virtual Assistants partnership with WordPress 101 was created for must-have business knowledge. In our blog regarding the AVA’s partnership with Erin Booth on executive travel planning speaks to the value of knowledge for virtual assistants.

If you are a virtual assistant for any length of time you will be working in WordPress. When we originally approached WP101 what we wanted was a certification. A certification that would benefit VAs and we were confident that learning WordPress would be a definite benefit to VAs. However, WP101 said that a certification wouldn’t be a good fit because there are far too many updates and changes that take place to keep a certification valid for an appropriate amount of time.

WP101 saw and recognized that it would be much more beneficial to provide a discount for our members and have them get the education, resources, and training whenever they need it. 

The Association of Virtual Assistant prides itself on providing members with the best possible resources at the best possible prices. If we couldn’t get you certified and couldn’t bring you something for free, we also didn’t want to make money off of you. We would rather pass the savings directly along to you and that’s exactly what we did.

As a member of the AVA, you receive 25% off WP101 on the month-to-month access, annual access, or lifetime membership!

Our main focus is to provide education, professional development, a safe space to ask questions, and the resources for the best and like-minded VAs in the community. The AVA’s mission is to be the most trusted source of information in the industry and promote a high standard of excellence. A high standard of excellence shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we are so passionate about bringing you resources, certifications, discounts, and free training on products and services that we know are beneficial now and in the future, as you continue to grow your business. 

We know as VAs you want to grow your business. Growth doesn’t mean you are working more hours or building an agency. Growth is a metaphor for making more money. As you continue to grow in your business as a VA, you want to make more money doing the thing that you love and have the freedom and flexibility to choose how your future business shapes out.

That’s exactly why we get excited to bring you the tools and services to make your goals and dreams a reality. The AVA has free member training every month and a library of resources of past trainings as well. Once you enter into a membership there is an entire portal dedicated to helping you grow your business.

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