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Whom the Association of Virtual Assistants partners with really does matter. Not all partners have the same endgame in mind regarding what is best for virtual assistants. As virtual assistants we have unique needs, not just in the ways we assist clients, but as business owners. Adminja realized this, saw a gap in the market, and chose to do something about it. It truly is a software that was developed for VAs. It’s not just a software VAs could use; it was created with us in mind and continues to be updated to the needs of virtual assistants.

What makes the AVA partnership with Adminja so unique is that we have exclusive member benefits!


  • A Ninety Day (90) Free Trial!
  • A free 15 minute 1:1 kickoff session with Adminja’s founder, Bryan
  • Up to 3 additional 1:1 support or training sessions with Adminja staff
  • Prioritized Help Desk Support
  • Save 25% off Adminja’s normal subscription fees!


As an AVA member, you also have an insider to guide you. We know how important it is to keep up with a software that is constantly being improved to serve your business better and that’s why we have our own Adminja Ambassador, Heather Nitch

As we evolve to serve our clients and grow our businesses, Adminja is there with us. Adminja is the all-in-one software developed and continuously improved to assist VAs. They didn’t create a product and then disappear. Adminja regularly invites VAs to weigh in on the conversation and they understand the value of your feedback. When you provide feedback it doesn’t go into the abyss. You can trust that your feedback helps shape the product intended to serve your business needs.  

As an association, we are constantly looking for and asking for feedback. What do you need? How can we assist you? What is missing in our industry? When we partner with other companies this is exactly what we want them to do as well – value your feedback and not just take it. 

Not a member of the Association of Virtual Assistants yet? Join today and take advantage of partnerships built for you!

Have questions about Adminja and want to talk to another VA first? You can reach out to Heather directly.

Ready to take advantage of the partnership and enjoy a discount? Here is your opportunity!

We see you. We hear you. We value you.