Open Enrollment is Happening NOW!

AVA Open Enrollment

The Association of Virtual Assistants’ open enrollment is happening NOW! You have until Friday, September 23rd at 5pm ET / 2pm PT to join the best association for virtual assistants. 


Goal-setting is part of any assistant’s DNA. It’s right up there with follow-up and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. In fact, one of the most popular AVA blogs of all time is on the topic of goal-setting


In the blog, we share how mindset is crucial not only to achieve your goals but to set them as well. 


“Mindset is powerful to not only achieve but set your goals. The mindset you take on when goal setting often comes from two places – the place you don’t ever want to be again or the place you want to be. In both of these scenarios, you are not still. You are either running away from something or chasing something. However, if we actually want to start in a place of stillness.”


The Association of Virtual Assistants provides you the community to sit, think, then act in a place of stillness. Free from the noise of what others tell you you should do. Instead, you’ll be supported in a safe space to listen to the true still voice in your head and heart that will set goals based on what you want, not what others tell you what you should be doing. 


Whether you are just starting your VA business or you’ve already built a successful business setting goals based on any other voice than yours is a mistake. 


Joining the AVA now is your chance to set yourself and your business up for success by setting the right goals for 2023 now. 


“I love the community. If you’re just starting out, all over the place, and trying to figure things out, this is the best community to be part of. The AVA community gives you feedback, share their experiences, and ways to implement your ideas.”  – Latrice Prater


The time to prepare for 2023 is now. The AVA knows the number one reason people become VAs is to enjoy freedom and flexibility. Why would you put such important desires on hold and hope that you achieve them sometime in the future? When you join the AVA, you aren’t merely relying on hope – you are planning for your future success. 


Planning on growing your business in 2023?


Don’t delay in achieving your growth goals. When you join the AVA now, you’ll put the necessary processes and systems into place to hit your growth goals in Q1 of 2023! Get ahead of the competition and use the expertise and accountability of the AVA to propel your business forward.


“Hands down there is no place that has the combination of active community and professional development all in one place.”  – Lizabeth Wesely-Casella


Have a big vision you are ready to see become a reality in 2023? 


Top Virtual Assistant Consultant of the Year and Founder & CEO of the AVA, Melissa Smith is a visionary just like you. Melissa has built three successful businesses, written three bestsellers, and traveled the world. She knows what it takes to prepare yourself for a successful business and a lifestyle you don’t need a vacation from!


Why wait until January to take your next steps to meet your 2023 goals? 


Every moment you delay your start is a delay to your dreams coming true. 


Membership closes on Friday, September 23rd at 5pm ET / 2pm PT and won’t reopen again until next year. Don’t miss this final opportunity to join the AVA in 2022!