No Frills VA Podcast: TaVona Denise: Releasing Launch Trauma

TaVona Denise is a Master Certified Coach who helps entrepreneurs not be miserable during their launches.



In this week’s episode, TaVona shares:


1:49 – What is not talked about enough when it comes to launches;

2:38 – What launch trauma is;

3:02 – What happens when there is too much, too soon, too fast;

6:00 – How experiencing launch trauma is more than a mindset;

9:18 – Overcoming launch pre PTSD;

10:11 – TaVona’s favorite place to begin working with a client;

13:30 – Melissa shares her launch stories (success and failure);

18:52 – The first place to start on a launch trauma road to recovery;

21:10 – The story you tell about your launch;

21:57 – The myths regarding a successful launch;

23:45 – How TaVona has sold over half a million dollars over the last two years without creating a program;

24:45 – Why TaVona doesn’t create her courses before she launches;

29:31 – Words of encouragement from TaVona regarding your next launch;



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