No Frills VA Podcast: Sherry Parks: Transforming Your Life & Mind

Sherry Parks, CPA, is a Life Coach who helps clients escape feeling trapped by their finances.  She is passionate about helping them change their mindset, emotions, and actions regarding money.


In this week’s episode, Sherry shares:

1:17 – How Melissa found Sherry;

2:14 – Sherry’s background;

5:07 – Why Sherry became a life coach;

9:09 – How Sherry defines abundance;

14:40 – Using affirmations to change your patterns;

18:48 – What Sherry is looking for when she creates affirmations with her clients;

20:00 – How Sherry uses emotions and actions to change mindsets;

24:23 – What we can do to make mindset shifts;

25:54 – The opportunity of being uncomfortable;

29:44 – What we can do now to no longer feel trapped by finances;

30:14 – How to get clarity on what you really want;


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Mentioned in the show:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

8 Hacks to Attract Abundance – Sherry Parks


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