No Frills VA Podcast: Robbie Samuels: Networking to a Small List with Big Results

Robbie Samuels is an author, speaker, and business growth strategy coach recognized as a networking expert by Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Lifehacker, and Inc. He is also a virtual event design consultant and executive Zoom producer recognized as an industry expert in the field of digital event design by JDC Events.


In this week’s episode, Robbie shares:


1:32 – How the pandemic catapulted his business;

3:43 – What it meant to build a business and be an “overnight” success;

6:45 – Why it’s important to have an email list;

9:41 – What to include in your emails;

12:59 – What a little P problem is;

16:00 – Why the traditional sales funnel is broken;

21:49 – The reason you hesitate to invest in your business;

24:04 – Why people overestimate their ability;

28:15 – Offering value while networking;

30:05 – Why free content is valuable;

35:07 – Letting your network know what you do;

37:08 – Your throughline when you’re doing all the things;

38:50 – Having specific clients for your offers;

42:23 – How to wake up your network;

45:29 – What makes you a successful business owner;


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