No Frills VA Podcast: Dot Rock: Delegation is an Art

Dot Rock is the Founder and CEO of Dot Rock Consulting, a strategic consulting firm that focuses on helping burnt-out business owners stop doing everything and start living in their zone of genius.


In this week’s episode, Dot shares:

1:45 – Dot’s burnout story;

3:09 – Where scaling your business begins;

4:00 – Dot’s unique background; 9:00 – Dot’s definition of scaling to create alignment;

13:01 – Dot’s definition of delegation that completely blew Melissa’s mind;

18:14 – The mindset shift people make to get into alignment;

21:50 – Where Dot sources her VAs;

24:12 – What is covered in Dot’s mini audit;

27:17 – Who is not a good fit to work with Dot;

28:25 – Dot says you’re screwed if you do this…


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Mentioned in the show: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


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