No Frills VA Podcast: Diana Aitchison: Being An All the Things VA

Diana Aitchison is a VA specializing in Remote Operations for transformational tech organizations. Diana, being an “All the Things” VA is also nomadic and enjoys being a global foodie.  


In this week’s episode, Diana shares:

2:14 – What it means to be a first-generation Canadian;

5:11 – The bravery it takes to go out into the world;

5:49 – How Dee became a digital nomad;

9:45 – Getting her first clients;

11:07 – What Dee did right and what she would change looking back;

17:06 – Serving fewer clients at a high level we align best with;

24:40 – Dee’s hobby as a foodie that landed her on TV;

37:15 – What’s next for Dee;



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