No Frills VA Podcast: Danielle Cuomo: Layoff to Multimillion Dollar VA Business

Danielle Cuomo is an award-winning entrepreneur and author. A pioneer in the VA industry, Danielle founded Virtual Assist USA 14 years ago. On this episode of the No Frills VA Podcast, Danielle shares the steps she took to go from being laid off to starting her own multi-million dollar virtual assistant business.


In this week’s episode, Danielle shares:

1:55 – Her background – which does not include being an assistant;

3:00 – Why Danielle started with the agency model from the beginning;

3:58 – The mindset Danielle had while starting a business during a recession;

6:04 – How not having an admin background didn’t hinder her;

7:18 – Why you shouldn’t be afraid of what you don’t know;

8:31 – What motivated Danielle when she first started her business;

9:22 – The benefits of in-person networking to start her business;

11:38 – How Danielle went from a contractor model to an employee agency model;

14:52 – The pivotal moment in Danielle’s business that allowed her to start making more money;

16:45 – The biggest benefit to running her VA business;


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